Cold Veggie Pizza Appetizers

Tray of Cold Veggie Pizza AppetizersTray of Cold Veggie Pizza Appetizers

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I’m not going to lie to you guys– I’m not much of a football fan. I’m a basketball girl living in Basketball Country, USA, but even I can appreciate the fun that is the Super Bowl. Well, more accurately, I can appreciate all the delicious food that makes an appearance on Super Bowl Sunday!

We have a lot of healthier game day recipes on Wholefully (you can check them out here), but this one holds a special spot in my heart for exactly three reasons. 1) It’s delicious, really delicious. 2) It’s all make ahead—no work during the game. 3) These veggie pizza appetizers have roots in my childhood.

Creamy herb sauce spread on a tray of pizza crust, with vegetables in small bowls off to the side

Growing up, my parents always threw a big rager of a 4th of July party every year for all of our friends and family (think 50+ people pitching tents all over the property and spending all weekend drinking, eating, and swimming).

And one of our family friends always made a big batch of veggie pizza appetizers for us to snack on during the weekend. It was a crowd-pleaser. It even satisfied the veggie-hating kids at the party. Read the post »

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