3 Indoor Medicinal Herbs Everyone Should Grow

Aloe vera in a yellow pot, peppermint in a blue pot, and lemon balm in a red-orange flower pot

Modern medicine is wonderful. I am so grateful for all the life-saving advances the medical community has made, several of which have saved lives within my own family. You better bet, if I get into a car accident or break my arm or get really sick, I’m heading to the hospital.

That being said, as wonderful as modern discoveries like antibiotics or the MRI machine are, I don’t believe that they completely erase the benefits of the natural medicines we humans have relied on for centuries. I like to think of modern medicine as a glorious addition to our awesome arsenal of tools to keep ourselves healthy—and I personally want to have that entire arsenal at the ready. One thing having Lyme disease has taught me is that you shouldn’t rule out anything that might help you—especially when it can’t hurt you.

Herbal medicine, in particular, is one of my favorite ways to help supplement conventional medical care. Herbalism is incredibly safe (I don’t know of many folks that have ODed on peppermint leaves), it’s affordable, it’s accessible, it’s gentle, and it has centuries worth of anecdotal and scientific evidence to back it up.

Left hand holding a broken leaf of aloe, with a drop of aloe vera leaking out

Diving into the world of medicinal herbs can be incredibly overwhelming. There are literally thousands upon thousands of plants that our species has used as medicine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dip your toes into the herbalism waters.

In fact, there are three plants you can pick up right now at your local nursery or hardware store that are a great entry point into herbal medicine. And you don’t even have to have a yard to grow them. Just a sunny window and some pots, and you’re on your way to creating your own mini medicinal herb garden. Let’s dig in. Read the post »

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