Reusable DIY Disinfecting Wipes

Woman's hands holding a wipes dispenser full of DIY Disinfecting Wipes.

Back in the early years of our marriage, my husband and I used to spend a lot of money on those Clorox disposable cleaning wipes. You just can’t beat the convenience of them when you need to clean up a yucky spill!

But as we educated ourselves more on the need to be careful with what products we brought into our home, we made the switch from the conventional brand to an all-natural brand of cleaning wipes. While we were happy with the non-toxic ingredients, we were definitely not as happy with the premium price. Eventually, the price, combined with our desire to live a more waste-free lifestyle, stopped us from buying disposable cleaning wipes all together.

Woman using a DIY Disinfecting Wipe to clean a counter.

We used rags and spray for a while, but we eventually landed on an even better replacement totally by happenstance—flannel baby wipes! We used flannel baby wipes while cloth diapering our daughter, and pretty quickly we realized that those reusable wipes were good for more than just cleaning our kid.

Soon enough, we had a baby wipe container in the nursery AND in the kitchen. The only difference was solution that was on the wipes. The solution we used for cloth diapering was incredibly moisturizing—great for skin, but not so great when you have a greasy countertop—so I went to work developing a cleaning-only wipe solution.

I did a lot of research on the solution to find a combination that would (1) clean, (2) disinfect, and (3) not damage any of our surfaces, and we’ve been very happy with the final result. It probably goes without saying, but this solution should NOT be used on any skin—and definitely not your baby’s skin. Read the post »

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